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Our services


From idea to end-product

We create reliable applications for web, PC and mobile devices in different domains, any complexity and a reasonable time. We work with iterative development model consequently you can always see result. As well as you can immediately add any adjustments, get reviews, use interim results in marketing events. After all, you will receive a prototype of your future product in less than a week!


We provide long-term support of our implemented solutions.


Build and set the workstations for your tasks.

If you do not have a hardware infrastructure for the developed software, this is a great reason to choose optimal configuration of each workstation, and in this we can help you.


In step with the times

Down static "dead" interfaces, curves fonts, tasteless icons and content layout! Interface - is the face of your product and to make it get a decent and modern, we follow the fashion trends in the design of software products.


Professional assistance

Professional assistance to support the organization, decided to begin the difficult way of own software development. We consult about software architectural and implementation problems.


Support for ready-made solutions

We will help in ensuring the safe operation of your existing infrastructure.


Who we are

We are a team of professional software developers with great experience in various commercial organizations. Our mission is to prove the effectiveness of properly organized development process using the best practices of software development.

Our development process

In our development we use best development practices. The set of concrete artifacts of the development process is selected based on the characteristics of your project, allowing you to ensure the effectiveness of the development of products from small and large-scale enterprise-level fault-tolerant systems. Despite the iterative development process is a compulsory for the work of our team. Usually we do not agree to work in a different way because we don’t like failure of the project (we hope that you too)

Technologies stack

Web development 95
JavaScript 95
Ruby on Rails 90
Java 80
C++ 90
Qt 85
Android development 75
PHP 80